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In busy everyday life peole have started neglecting their health. But for a happy life good health is as much important as money.

Many people lack the knowledge about foods and eat whatever they like and finally they end up being unfit.

As you might know that for a fitness journey most important thing is a person’s diet and training. Diet and training varies according to different goals.

But let me tell you that your diet would contribute 70% in achieving your goal. So you should focus more on your diet as training without a proper diet won’t let you achieve your fitness goals.

To know more about your diet you should know about the calories and nutritional information about the food you are eating.

CaloriesDetail.com is a blog that would help you to know about the calories and proper nutritional information about the food with proper expert advise.

 This will help you to choose your diet wisely and hence will lead you to a healthy and fit life.

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Vikram Raj


I am Vikram Raj and i am the author of CaloriesDetail.com.

I am currently 21 years old and i started training myself when i was 16 because i was very passionate about health and fitness.

I live in Delhi and i am a fitness trainer,a nutritionist and personal trainer. I have trained more than 100 clients in past 5 years and there are a lot more to come in upcoming years.

Vikram Raj

I am a certified fitness trainer by K-11 school of fitness science and i work as a part time fitness trainer.

Vikram Raj

I started this website to share my knowledge with people and help them with my knowledge to live a health life

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I have been working in the fitness Industry from last 6 years. I am K-11 certified fitness trainer. Fitness is my passion and i have trained more than 100 people in last 4 years.