Calories in Paneer-Is Paneer good for Health?


Paneer is a dairy product widely used in Indian Sub-continent. Paneer is one of the most important part of Punjabi cuisine.

Paneer is considered as an acceptable alternative of Chicken for Vegetarian people or vegans as paneer is high in protein and has less carbohydrates.

However paneer is not considered as lean source of protein as paneer has protein as well as fats.

Paneer is used to prepare many dishes like

  • Paneer Tika
  • Paneer Masala
  • Palak Paneer
  • Matar Paneer
  • Paneer Bhurji

This article is an all in one article about Paneer so make sure you read it completely and i can assure you won’t need to go anywhere else to find answers regarding Paneer.

Calories in Paneer

There are 296 calories in 100g protein of Paneer. It would consist of

  • 22 grams of fats
  • 20 grams of protein
  • 4.5 grams of Carbohydrates.

Below is the nutrition table of paneer which shows calories in paneer per 100 g.

Calories in Paneer
Calories in paneer

However Calories in Paneer can vary upon the type of milk from which paneer is made.

For example Low fat would have less fats hence paneer made from low fat milk would have less fats and hence calories would be less in low fat paneer.

However knowing just calories in paneer is not enough as you should also check nutrition about Paneer which would provide you an better image of nutrition in paneer.

Paneer Nutrition

Knowing nutritional information of paneer is very important as it will help you to know the type of calories in paneer.

So let’s discuss it!

Protein in Paneer

There are 20 grams of protein in 100 grams of paneer. That’s somewhat nearer to the amount of protein in chicken!

This is the reason why paneer is considered as an alternative of chicken for people who prefer eating vegetarian food.

However paneer is not a lean source of protein like chicken as paneer would give you protein along with fats.

Carbohydrates in Paneer

There are 4.5 grams of carbohydrates in 100 grams of Paneer which makes Paneer as a very good source of low carbohydrates Protein source.

These carbs comes from the natural sugars present in the milk.

You don’t need to cut down natural sugars as these sugars are found in fruits and milk and won’t harm you

Fats in Paneer

There are 22 grams of fats in 100 grams of paneer. So along with 20 grams of protein you will get 22 grams of fats as well.

Paneer has almost similar amount of protein and fats in it. However paneer has just 1 grams of Trans fat in it.

Trans fats are very unhealthy and are often found in deep fried foods like french fries.

100 grams of paneer per day would be considered to be in moderation however you should calculate your calories goal and according to it you should decide the amount of paneer you should eat.

Calcium in paneer

Calcuim are the building blocks of your bones and teeth and hence you should consume a good amount of calcuim everyday to prevent Osteoporosis

Calcium is mostly found in all diary products and paneer is one of them.

There is about 480mg of calcium in 100 grams of paneer which is about 27 percent of reccommded everyday intake.

These were the basic nutritional facts of paneer.

Is Paneer good for health?

Paneer is actually very good for your health as paneer has a lot of health benefits like

  • High in calcium which makes your bones and teeth healthy and strong as well as calcium is important for the central nervous system too as calcium is needed to send several signals and low calcium levels can cause an hypocalcemia which is an electrolyte imbalance.
  • Paneer is high in Protein. Like calcium is the building blocks of muscle protein is the building blocks of muscle and tissues in the body. Protein is necessary for muscle building as well as fat loss.
  • Paneer contains both magnesium as well as phophorus which helps in digestion and hence keeps your digestive system healthy.

Hence paneer is good for your health

Can we eat Paneer daily?

Yes you can eat paneer daily. However you should eat paneer in moderation. You should decide your paneer intake on basis of your lifestyle and fitness goals.

If you are physically active person who hits gym 5-6 times a week then you can eat 100 grams of protein everyday but make sure you avoid eating it before or after workouts.

If you are not much physically active person then you should limit your paneer intake to 50 grams per day as paneer comes with high amount of fats. So you might gain a little weight if you don’t excercise and eat 100 grams of paneer everyday.

Is Paneer low in Calories?

Paneer is not low in calories as it has about 296 calories in 100 grams of paneer.

However the amount of calories in paneer can be lowered by using low fat milk to make paneer.

For example cow milk contains less fats so paneer prepared from cow milk would have high protein and less fats.

Will Paneer make you Fat?

Paneer has about 20 grams of protein and 22 grams of fat. So eating paneer would provide you both protein and fats.

If you are eating paneer in a balanced way or according to your physical lifestyle (like I mentioned in previous point) than paneer would make you healthy instead of fat.

Make sure you eat paneer in right time and right way and do not make make it unhealthy by deep frying it or eating it with lots of butter or any such unhealthy way.

I would recommed you to exercise daily or go for running everyday as your body needs physical activities in order to stay fit.

Is Paneer good for weight loss?

Paneer in moderation is good for weight loss.

Paneer contains good amount of fats and fats take time to digest so it will keep you full all day and reduce your carving for food.

As you would be exercising during your weight loss paneer would provide you both fats as well as protein at a very less amount of carbohydrates.

Try eating more amount of protein rich foods along with healthy fats and cut down your carbs. This is the basic statement for fat loss.

I would suggest you to look at your overall diet plan and if paneer fits in your calories goal then only eat paneer during fat loss.

Can we eat raw Paneer?

Raw Paneer
Raw paneer


Raw panner has a soft texture and a milky taste.

Eating raw paneer would be the best as it would prevent you to consume extra calories alongwith paneer.

Most people eat paneer in a very unhealthy way like in burgers or sandwich which is made of white bread or by frying paneer in unhealthy oil.

So eating raw paneer is the best way to consume paneer. You can add pinch of few spices you like black pepper or red chilly powder and add a little lemon water in it to enhance the taste if you don’t like the taste of raw paneer.

This way you would be able to add some taste to it without increasing it’s calories.

Which is better Paneer or Egg?

Egg is better than paneer as long as egg whites are considered.

Eggs whites are lean source of protein so eating egg whites would provide you only protein no fats.

The quality of protein in eggs are also very high compared to paneer.

Eggs are cheap also so eating around 4-5 eggs would provide same protein as 100 grams of paneer but will cost you less than paneer.

So if you eat eggs than you should always prefer eggs for protein intake.

Is Paneer better than cheese?

Paneer is better and healthier compared to cheese because cheese has more amount of saturated fats and cholesterol compared to paneer.

100 grams of paneer provides 14 grams of saturated fats and 20 mg of cholesterol whereas cheese would provide you 18 grams of saturated fats and 100mg of cholesterol.

Paneer is more fresh compared to cheese as cheese has gone through the process of aging where it is stored for months and then it is sold while paneer is sold as soon as it is made.

So compared to cheese paneer is more healthier.

FAQ’s on Paneer

How many calories are there in 50 grams of paneer?

There are about 145 calories in 50 grams of paneer which will provide you:-
11 grams of fats
10 grams of protein
2 grams of carbohydrates

How many calories are there in 200 grams of paneer?

There are about 590 calories in 200 grams of paneer which will provide you:-
11 grams of fats
10 grams of protein
2 grams of carbohydrates

How many calories are there in 1 cup of paneer?

1 cup of paneer is around 128 grams.
There are about 391 calories in 1 cup of paneer which will provide you:-
30 grams of fats
26 grams of protein
3 grams of carbohydrates

Is paneer similar to cottage cheese?

No paneer and cottage cheese are different.
Cottage cheese comes with added salt and has a little flowing texture while paneer has no added salt in it.

Is paneer good or bad?

Paneer is good or bad for you depends on how you eat paneer and what your fitness goals are. If you eat paneer in a balanced and healthy maneer then paneer is good for you but if you eat it excessively and in unhealthy way it is bad for you.
To get a complete idea check out calories in paneer


I hope i have covered all the topics and questions regarding calories in paneer,health benefits and proper way to eat paneer.

I hope you have no other questions in your mind but if you do have then mention in the comments and i will answer your question as soon as possible.

And always remember to exercise in order to maintain a healthy way of living life.


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